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Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy

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Treatments are all especially tailored to treat the individual and their needs.

I work with each person to understand their needs and a session and/or a treatment programme is created based on these.  Please just get in touch to discuss how therapies may support your wellbeing.  

Sessions can be one off or part of a course of agreed treatment. Each session is tailored to suit the client’s needs based on their own case history, how they are feeling at the time of the session and where their priorities lie. I will agree and review treatment plans with the client before each session.  The therapies available are:

Myofascial release and unwinding

Our bodies are composed of fluid based sheaths of fascia which hold everything including our organs and muscles in place. Tension, holding patterns and injuries can cause the fascia to stiffen up, get stuck, solidify and lead to aches and pains. Because fascia continues uninterrupted around the body, restrictions in one area can lead to referred pain elsewhere. Myofascial release work helps by focussing on these areas of restriction and applying specific techniques such as trigger point therapy to help release adhesions, promote the normal gel like fluidity and quite literally smooth out the areas of tension. Unwinding work is more subtle, but also powerful, and a listening technique combined with stretching and pulling is used to allow the body to unravel and resolve issues.  This work is blended with traditional massage techniques and holds.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy

This work is extremely gentle and involves very light touch being suitable for all clients including babies, elderly and those with chronic conditions that are easily aggravated by more direct bodywork.  BCST supports the body to prioritise its needs and works with it’s innate intelligence to orientate to natural health.  There are millions of processes at work that exist in the body every second as well as the history of patterns and experiences that have been established right from conception, through birth, childhood and adulthood.  These patterns and experiences make us who we are and sometimes they can cause mental, emotional or physical issues.  BCST helps the body to identify and address symptoms or patterns that may be causing issues and supports healing, alignment and awareness around these.

Breath work and body awareness

I offer the guidance in  using the breath as a support for managing the release of pain, tension and supporting the body and mind to a place of rest. Often clients will arrive with their bodies in a state of “fight and flight”, due to stress, and managing the breath is one of the simplest ways to restore the body to its natural resting state.  I also offer simple body awareness techniques and practices that can support clients mange body sensations and develop awareness both during sessions as well as in day to day life.  These can help to down regulate stress responses as well as help strengthen and increase resilience.  

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Emma Jane Veitch
Email: emma@emmajaneveitch.co.uk
Telephone: 07967 011 235