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Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy

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emma-navyI found my way into the world of Body Work after my own healing experiences, finding ways to look after myself and getting to know my own body. Receiving therapies focussed on the body as “the way in” supported my own recovery and personal growth hugely. One of the outcomes was that I was inspired and felt a natural pull to helping others and working in this field.

I’ve worked in several fields over the years, starting out in more corporate roles before moving into the field of charity development which I still do part time and find very fulfilling. My first foray into massage training was with the Thai Massage School in Chang Mai, Northern Thailand in traditional Thai massage.  I then trained in more traditional Western study with the Massage Training Institute (MTI) here in the UK who I am a formally registered and accredited member with a Diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Massage.

I then chose to specialise in Advanced Myofascial work after training with the Holistic School of Therapy.  This opened up my practice incredibly and have been privileged to witness profound experiences of healing with clients.  The difference with this work is that it supports the body to find it’s way back to it’s natural state of wellness just by simply being carefully present to the subtle adjustments and shifts that the body makes happen on it’s own.

More recently I studied with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Body Intelligence and hold a diploma in the therapy.  I believe this gentle therapy can be hugely transformational and allows the body to set its own priorities for treatment using the innate intelligence that exists within.

I am also regional representative and part of our local team for the Massage Training Institute in Scotland arranging CPD events for fellow practitioners.  I have been fortunate to take part in much ongoing CPD bodywork and I have an ongoing commitment to keep my skills fresh and continually develop my understanding and experience of this work.

I believe that there are many aspects of wellness and the work I practice should be seen as “complementary”. Looking after our health comes down to each of us taking responsibility and there are many experienced therapists, businesses and resources out there to support us. It’s about finding the blend that works for you.  Please also remember to consult with your medical doctor if you need advice on specific conditions.

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Emma Jane Veitch
Email: emma@emmajaneveitch.co.uk
Telephone: 07967 011 235